Tobias Becker
Entrepreneur, Investor & Start up Advisor
Urban Health Farms
Tobias Becker is a 25-year management veteran in the world of engineering and financial services. Mr. Becker is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor. His latest investment is in the area of vertical farming, with his first-round engagement in Urban Health Farms. As a visionary executive dealing with industries as diverse as energy, manufacturing, marine, minerals, and data centers, he had the privilege of performing at the forefront of innovation. He worked on six continents and lived in seven countries. Being an accomplished strategist, operator, and corporate diplomat, he likes understanding business models and organizational design. Tobias is a distinguished speaker who enjoys captivating and engaging audiences, as much as sparring with other thought-leaders on stage. Tobias enjoys sharing insights and experience and dedicates part of his time to lecturing and executive education.

Vertical Farming – A way to trigger a farming renaissance in South Africa

Urban farming and especially systematic vertical farming bears the potential to bring healthy and nutritious food closer to urban consumers. With shortest supply chains, close to zero transport, and a sustainably small environmental footprint – especially very low water consumption – this future-oriented technology can serve off-takers, such as retailers, food processors, catering, and hospitality industries. Tobias Becker will report on the progress and advantages of vertical farming and how this methodology could blend with existing business ecosystems, propel the government agenda forward, and create stable, continuous work for many. With its unique set of challenges, South Africa would greatly benefit from the impact of food security, safety, and self-sufficiency provided by vertical farming.