For 100 years, Nestlé South Africa has delivered on its Good Food, Good Life promise to consumers, ensuring continued access to an ever growing range of established and wellloved brands. Through a spirit innovation, the company continues to deliver new and exciting products in response to the evolving needs of it’s customers. By building a solid reputation for quality, nutritious food and beverages, Nestlé South Africa has created a steady increase in demand for it’s products.
The company understands that customers, consumers and employees choose the Nestlé brand as one they can trust. Consumers can enjoy Nestlé products from early in the morning with a bowl of Nestlé cereal and coffee, to a mid-morning chocolate break, and ending off the day with a comforting hot beverage. The Nestlé brand is a promise that reflects the reliability and trustworthiness of quality products, great service and inspired people. Nestlé’s efforts are aimed at achieving it’s corporate ambition of being recognised as the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company while Creating Shared Value in the communities where it operates. The companies core values of diversity, trust, integrity and quality continue to guide its commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the lives of employees, consumers and all it’s stakeholders.
Good Food, Good Life